Monday, June 4, 2007

Wedding Shower Cupcakes

This was really fun! A girl in our office is getting married, and I made cupcakes for her wedding shower. Her colors are aqua and brown, so I decorated the cupcake tier and did cupcakes to match. I used vanilla cake with silver foil liners and chocolate cake with the brown liners, then did about 4 each of the various designs. I used butter cream for the aqua, cream cheese frosting for the white, and chocolate for the brown. I had planned on more of the designed cupcakes, but ran out of energy and wound up doing aqua/white swirls with a variety of sprinkles for the last two dozen. There were all gone at the end of the day, so I'm pretty sure they tasted good, even though I didn't get one!

I know they were a hit with the bride-to-be - she started sniffling when she came in (it was a surprise party) and burst into tears when she saw the cupcake tier! Tears of joy at the party, presents, good wishes, and tastey food.

Wedding Shower Cupcake Tier

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